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Give “Why” a Try

In Blog by Aaron Donohue

Curiosity can kill a cat but it can save you money with your aquatic facility; pools, spas, splash parks, etc. Solve more problems by asking why and get to the root of the problem.

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How important is pH?

In Blog, Chemistry by Timothy Petsch

When I teach a CPO class, one of my questions is to ask what the most important chemical test an operator takes. Most come back with that it must be …

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Chemistry Controllers Then and Now

In Blog, Controllers by Aaron Donohue

Back in the early to mid-90’s, chemistry controllers were seen as high priced items that only the big clubs could afford to purchase and maintain. The last few years have …

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Are You CPO Certifiable?

In Blog, CPO® by Cathy Erntson

There are many great reasons to get a CPO® Certification. For someone new to the aquatics industry, it can give them a good foundation of general knowledge to build upon …

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Learn to Swim!

In Blog, daily lfe by Timothy Petsch

The Most Important Aspect of Enjoying Your Local Swimming Pool this Summer: LEARNING TO SWIM! For fear of stating the obvious, the most important aspect is……learning to swim. Yes, I …

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Seasons Greetings from TMI

In Holiday by TMI Sustainable Aquatics

Another year down and we hope it was a good one for you. If 2014 wasn’t your year, here’s to a new shot in 2015! As always, everyone at TMI …

Happy Holidays!

In Holiday by TMI Sustainable Aquatics

We at TMI are taking some time to enjoy family, friends, and the delights of the holiday season. We hope you are doing the same and wish you all the …

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The Model Aquatic Health Code

In Blog, News by Helias Taliadoros

Required Reading: The Model Aquatic Health Code (2016) Recently the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code has concluded it’s 2017 Biennial conference. During the conference that entities from the public …

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Where to Buy Swimming Pool Salt?

In Blog, Salt by Kate Cunha

  Got Salt? Ideas where to get pure salt for your swimming pool Chlorine generators require salt water to produce chlorine, which means the pool operators require salt in order to …

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