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This blog is the first in a series of Energy Savings for Your Pool.

With the advancements of technology, energy saving LED pool lighting might be worth taking some time and looking into ways to make your swimming pool more energy efficient. It also might be a good time to consider upgrading from your older halogen pool lighting to LED.

There are many benefits to upgrading.

One of which is the much lower cost of operating LED lighting. Also, the ability to change the mood & color of your swim party with the click of a button. The benefit I always consider is the safety aspect of LED lighting which uses a much lower voltage & amperage to operate. This over time can save hundreds of dollars in the operational costs of lighting your pool & with today’s well designed LED pool lighting in some cases it takes just minutes to change from the old standby halogen to LED.

Stay tuned for the next installment about the Benefits to VFD Pumps.