The Results of “Claro Nica”, TMI’s Holiday Charity Drive

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TMI’s Holiday Charity Drive Update

You Gave the Gift of Sight to Nicaragua!


At the end of last year, we asked for your help in collecting reading glasses for citizens of Nicaragua who often have no access to proper eye care. Thanks to your fantastic generosity and that of your patrons, TMI collected 146 pairs of glasses! That means that nearly 150 people now may be able to see better, read better, even perform better at their jobs thanks to you!

We’d like to personally thank the following for their generous donations.

Riverside Health & Fitness Center, Bourbonnais, IL The Club at Harbor Point, Mill Valley, CA Christopher Licking with FMS Engineering, LLC

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Timothy distributed the glasses, along with 3 suitcases of clothes and school supplies, to the residents of Jiquilio this past February. In order to deliver the donations, he sponsored a pizza party, providing pizza and soda to anyone who wanted to join in. Most of the town came. 

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Surfing was what originally lead Timothy to Jiquilio and he absolutely had plans to do some more while he was visiting, so he took his personal surf board along on the trip. While chatting with Paolo, his main contact within the town, he learned that renting out a surfboard to tourists for one day could earn 500 cordoba (Nicaraguan current equivalent to roughly $19 US), the same amount that the townspeople can make after an entire night fishing. Needless to say, Timothy’s surfboard now has a permanent home in Jiquilio, hopefully making lives there just a little bit easier. 

TP surfboard

Due to the fantastic response that “Claro Nica” received this year, TMI intends to make our charity drive an annual occurrence.

If you were unable to participate in 2014, we hope you will join us in giving back when the 2015 holiday season rolls around. Should you wish to donate to this community in other ways, Hada Madrina (Fairy Godmother) is another fantastic charity that works to benefit this terrific town. They are “committed to bring art, education, creativity, and a sense of community to the local children of Jiquilillo.” Please visit their website,,  for additional ways that you can send aid and support.

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