A number of years ago, TMI introduced the concept of Virtual Training via computer connection to our arsenal. Being a Sustainable Aquatics Company, we always strive to reduce our “ecological footprint” and realized that cutting down on air travel was another way of contributing on this level.  Each year brings advancements in computer technology, and TMI seized the ability to utilize emerging technology as an opportunity to offer training to all clients, no matter how remote, without the time and expense involved with sending a technical representative on site.

When a Virtual Training has been arranged, we invite our clients to electronically connect to a TMI host computer, via a web based program. Once connected, the client will see exactly the same screen that is displayed inside the TMI office. We begin the training with a personalized PowerPoint presentation of the TMI Salt Pure® System and Chemistry Controller. We customize each presentation with actual photos of the client’s equipment and pump room, labeled with the correct names and technical terms of each element of the system. When actual photos are not available, the presentation is built with photos that represent the same equipment that that client has installed on site.

After the client feels comfortable with the terminology and function of their equipment, we move on to training with their Chemistry Controller. Since the majority of TMI clients allow TMI remote access to their controller(s) via either modem or Ethernet connection, we connect directly to the client’s controller screen for the instruction. The TMI representative will first introduce the basic concepts and functions of the Chemistry Controller, and will then review programming and daily operation. At the end of the training, the client is often granted control of the computer mouse, allowing for real time practice with the controller.

A Virtual Training typically lasts for 1 hour, is very affordable, and can be repeated as needed. Multiple facility employees can attend at the same time, ensuring the knowledge is spread amongst all personnel that will be operating the equipment. This can be a valuable tool when starting a new TMI Salt Pure® System, when a refresher is required,  or can be essential at times when new, untrained staff are given the task of running the pool and Salt Pure® System.