Why Use Ultra Violet?  


1. UV makes chlorine more effective. When chlorine combines with an amine molecule it is “locked”, and therefore cannot sanitize. It naturally gravitates to the surface of the pool and exhausts into the air, so if you have 1.5 free chlorine and 0.5 combined then you are losing 1/3 of your chlorine on an ongoing basis. UV will free up almost all of that and therein lie your savings. Theoretically, since UV makes your chlorine more effective, you should use less of it.

2. Quantify savings in relation to the  use of Chlorine (O2) shock.  Isolate what you have spent on O2 Shock to quantify your savings as you should no longer need to use O2 Shock once the UV is installed (as a general rule).  Click here to see a list of TMI clients and documented chloramine reduction with UV.

3. Add UV and see savings with your HVAC System?.  Some facilities have been known to reduce their natural gas use by adding UV.  Many indoor pools struggle with air quality due to chloramine levels and use significantly more outside fresh air than is required by international ASHRAE building standards.  Improving the air quality by adding UV may allow an indoor pool to reduce their fresh air make-up to ASHRAE requirements. The reduced air volume would lower the amount of natural gas used to heat fresh make-up air.

4. Protect your investment in expensive equipment – add UV as insurance!  As the combined chlorine leaves the surface of the pool, much of it is drawn up into the HVAC. Combined chlorine has a pH of about 1, making it highly acidic, so the damage done to the HVAC, and other metal in the envelope, can be of significant cost in the medium to long term. Reducing combined chlorine will contribute to longer equipment life in your facility.

5. Protect yourself from liability – add UV as Insurance. There is an increasing awareness of the health dangers of combined chlorine, I am sure you have heard of “lifeguard / hot tub lung”? Recently Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, NM was sued by a number of former employees for just this condition, and, I fear, this is going to be a trend we will continue to see. Click here to read the article.

6. Revenues. Your quality of water will improve and you will add/retain members

Put simply, the Salt Pure® element contributes the cleanest, most environmental way to sanitize the water, and the Salt Synergy® UV component delivers the cleanest and most environmental way to reduce and manage the chloramines in the water and air resulting in vastly improved air quality.