Bridge the gap between installation and operation with TMI BRIDGING®.  TMI is the only company in the nation to offer BRIDGING® to the industry.  Want to learn more about BRIDGING®?

BRIDGING® focuses on incremental education for the pool staff once the contractors have left the pool site providing valuable support to the pool operator on a daily basis.

Why choose TMI BRIDGING®?

BRIDGING® is an add-on service, and was designed to educate the operator on all aspects of day to day operation and help make the transition between construction and start-up operation seamless. BRIDGING® offers operators training both on-site and remotely over a period of time on how to operate and maintain TMI equipment, and all aspects of water chemistry and pool operations, using as few chemicals as possible.

With BRIDGING® clients receive a number of options:

  • On-Site Install Supervision – to guide and assist the lead installer on the installation and start-up of all TMI products.
  • On-Site Training – Hourly On-Site training (minimum 4 hours) usually to “start-up” the equipment and train the staff on operation of all equipment and general pool management.
    • Includes training in operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, water balance and chemistry, and basic pool operations.
  • System Integration – A specified period of daily “hand hold” training immediately following the equipment start-up.
  • Virtual Training – Half hour incremental computer to computer training sessions using your equipment pictures from your pump room to train your staff.
  • *For new builds or specified jobs – TMI offers multiple tiers of the System Integration model of equipment oversight, management and training to ensure success with the new facility.
  • Heads Up™
  • Eyes On™

BRIDGING® is only available in conjunction with a TMI Controller, and a TMI Assurance Support Plan; Gold, or Platinum.