Pool Equipment

TMI has been operating in the commercial pool industry since 1995.  This has allowed us to forge many strong relationships directly with manufacturers and we are thus able to offer all types of pool equipment and services to new and existing pools.

We can provide consulting services, hydraulic layout, equipment selection and engineered drawings.

We trend towards the most efficient and energy saving options, even when the purchase price might be a little more, realizing that the savings will show during the operation.

Our focus is not to simply sell you a piece of equipment but to ensure that the new equipment is “balanced” with your existing equipment.

During installation we are available to answer the smallest of questions, and should you require any post installation or warranty support, this will be our responsibility! We will not direct you to the manufacturer, but will ensure that you solve your problems with our assistance.

Should you require a Technician to be on site, ask, and we will make arrangements to see that is done in the shortest possible time.

So for all your pumps, filters, heaters and other pool or spa equipment contact TMI!