Our clients always have the option of contracting TMI for an on-site visit for training and technical support.

TMI is available for onsite visits to conduct:
  • Pre-Installation planning
  • Install Supervision Assist
  • Staff training (sometimes combined with startup after installation)

TMI works closely with our clients to assist with designing the installation of the TMI Equipment. In most cases, an extensive replumb is not necessary but in those cases where a replumb is desired in order to increase the efficiencies of the pool, TMI will work with you to design a replumb that makes sense.  Usually, this type of work can be done with photographs by email and design sketches.  In cases where our client may be uncertain and prefers it, the client can elect to contract TMI to visit the site and help the maintenance staff plan for the installation.

Installation Assist

Sometimes, a client may be more comfortable conducting the installation in the presence of a TMI technician who is available to provide advice during each step of the installation and ensure that it goes smoothly and efficiently through start up.

Many choose to have a member of our tech support team onsite during the final stages of equipment installation. This allows for in depth technical and  staff training of the Salt Pure® and Chemistry Controller equipment, which facilitates a smooth startup of their new Salt Pure® System and helps establish a communicative relationship with TMI – one of the keys to ongoing success!

On-Site Staff Training

TMI is an education based, best practice driven company.  One of the most important facets of our model is the initial and ongoing education of each client.  We encourage our clients to select an initial training where we feel there would be a benefit. Training is always advisable for clients with a full complement of TMI equipment, it is especially advisable when clients are operating multi-pool complexes using combinations of Salt Pure®, Salt Synergy® and Chemistry Control equipment.

TMI also offers ongoing training.  Clients who may have had their Salt Pure® system installed years ago, can also opt for periodic onsite visits. These may be requested for troubleshooting of mechanical issues, proactive equipment inspection, or staff retraining. Over time, aquatic staff rotate in and out and important technical information can be lost. Onsite retraining ensures effective operation of the Salt Pure® system, which can extend the life span of the equipment and protect the facilities’ investment.

While onsite, the TMI staff typically perform a thorough review of the Salt Pure® or UV system and chemistry controller(s). Mechanical issues that need to be addressed on site are repaired to the best of our ability, depending on whether the TMI Representative is on a Technical or Training trip (personnel, skills and repair components on hand may vary). If repairs cannot be made at that time the solution to the issue is explained so that the facility can execute the repairs. Any programming errors within the chemistry controller are addressed and full training on both systems is given. We prefer that every facility understand how to operate the Salt Pure® system under manual & automatic control, so both methods are explained in depth. The TMI representative can also work with facility staff on proper pool maintenance and water testing techniques, since every TMI tech support staff member is a Certified Pool Operator®.