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Salt Synergy® Chloramine Control Systems

Chloramine Control Systems with this unique combination of Salt + UV, these fully automated systems transform water and air quality by virtually eliminating chloramines.

Salt Pure®

Commercial Sanitizing Systems transform your water, reduce chloramines and please your swimmers with a fully automated Salt Pure® system, widely used in all types of facilities.

Chemistry Controllers

TMI offers a variety of internet accessible controllers to suit your specific needs. An automated controller can help to keep your costs down.


TMI presents ZGEN, a hypochlorous acid generator. Be in control of your own disinfectant supply. Save money and time while keeping in compliance with safety and cleaning protocols.


TMI BRIDGING® spans the gap between installation and pool operation. TMI is the only company to offer BRIDGING® to the industry.

About TMI

Since 1995, TMI has specialized in the 'greening' of aquatic facilities, specifically pertaining to water & air quality. TMI has assembled an integrated product range consisting of: commercial chlorine generators, UV Systems and chemistry controllers that are both sturdy and innovative, the cutting edge of aquatic technology.

TMI has successfully assisted hundreds of commercial aquatic centers and facilities to create healthier and more sustainable aquatic centers. It's time to make your swimming pool crystal clear!

During 2020, we adopted similar technology to produce Hypochlorous Acid Generators for the purpose of facility disinfection. Reactions from our ZGEN clients have been extremely positive complimenting the simplicity of the technology and the outstanding cost savings bringing the cost of a gallon of HOCl down to under 0.05c compared to close to $20.00 per gallon on the market. Not only is HOCl approved for use against COVID-19 on the EPA “N” but it replaces almost ALL of the cleaning solutions you would need in your facility.

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