TMI Mission Statement

From our inception in 1995, TMI has recognized the need for sustainability in recreational water, and concentrates on reducing the carbon foot print and energy usage of each Aquatic Center that we work with.

Our mission has been to promote the advancement of sustainable aquatics. We utilize Salt Pure® chlorine generation equipment along with Salt Synergy® UV and Chemistry Controllers to create the most pleasurable and healthy water possible, while reducing the amount of chemicals that are added to the water.

By focusing on “Partnering” instead of the traditional approach to pool service, our goal is to educate your aquatic staff in all aspects of TMI equipment and make your facility self-reliant, capable and confident in the day to day operations of the pool. We are available to visit the site but, as a general rule, find this is not necessary. We employ tools such as “Virtual Training” to provide a low cost solution to client education.

We actively look for better ways to accomplish these goals while being more sustainable.

In addition to having CPO® Inspectors and Instructors, at TMI every employee is CPO® certified. Our focus is teaching students proper chemical balance instead of simply “throwing chemicals at the pool”. Through proper instruction we know that each of our students walks away aware of how their pool works and has a firm grasp on day to day operations.

Additionally we focus on environmentally sound business practices; reusing 100% of ALL received packaging supplies, all office and mailed documents are printed on paper with 70% post-consumer materials, and all non-essential documents are left as files in the computer system.

Our computer systems, phone system, and printers have all been selected because they use the least amount of energy possible, and are configured to conserve energy when not in use. While our building uses only low energy bulbs and appliances, we off-set our utilities with solar technology.

TMI’s Founders


Timothy is co-founder and Managing Director of TMI. Timothy is responsible for the technical side of the company and focuses on relationships pertaining to business development.

His business history is the blend of practical experience in fields ranging from construction in Africa to off-shore oil platforms in the North Sea, to renewable energy in the installation and sales of Solar Heating in S. California; to the corporate boardrooms of America during his decade long tenure with Bank of America in their Securities Service division of Mergers and Acquisitions. It was during this phase of his career that he was instrumental in designing the support structure of Master Limited Partnerships that helped the Bank to distinguish itself from others in the field. Timothy was privileged to hold the position of President of the San Diego Chapter of Corporate Secretaries for public corporations in 1987 – 1988.

But it is TMI Salt Pure® that Timothy is most proud of in his list of accomplishments.

It was when Timothy swam in a pool in Kihei (that was sanitized with a chlorine generator), in early 1990 that the vision of Salt Pure® was born; and it was the struggle to be recognized in the commercial aquatic field that defined who TMI was going to become.

Through his varied business experience Timothy learned many of the basic tenets that now drive TMI, but the most profound lesson he learned was that if you treat your customers and business associates in a moral manner and put client satisfaction before revenue generation, you will create a sustainable corporation built on strong ethics.


Michele PetschAs co-founder and the Financial / Marketing Director for TMI Salt Pure® Corporation, Michele is  responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the organization specifically as it relates to financial & administrative functions. This includes database & systems management, information management, marketing and bidding.

She graduated from Natal University in South Africa in the 1980’s with an Honors degree in Economic History and from the Graduate School of Marketing in Durban in the same decade.

Timothy and Michele share similar views on the symbiotic relationship between client satisfaction and revenue generation and they continue to work together to create a sustainable corporation that is both socially conscious, fair minded and forward thinking.  Together they continue to strive to become stewards of the environment to the best possible extent while protecting the interests of the entire TMI community, which includes the customer base  staff, and representatives around the country.

TMI’s Reps

United States

 PAUL BLAKE – American Pool Consultants – New York

Paul Blake for websiteWith over 26 years industry experience Paul is an independent consultant and a member of the teaching cadre for CPO® instructors in the US. He is highly regarded as one of the top “hands on” experts in the areas of water quality and treatment, facility design, operation, and safety planning.

Ph: (516) 731-5516



WES KING – Wesley King Consulting LLC – Chicago

To say that Wesley King has water running through his veins would be quite an understatement! For the last 25 years Wes King has dedicated himself to not only making pools (and fitness/recreation) safer and more profitable, but also to create a real and positive impact in this industry.

As a professional consultant Wes combines all that he has learned from holding nearly every position in nearly every aquatic/fitness/recreation organization in this country. He started his consulting business to ensure that your pool, your fitness center, your park district, etc. can learn of new ways to becomes safer and ultimately operate at a higher level.
Wes has become a subject matter expert with the Medical Fitness Association, where he has earned Fellowship, is a Lead Examiner, and Chaired the National Education Committee for several years. He has presented at multiple regional and national conferences on aquatic (and non-aquatic) subjects such as; emergency preparedness, organizational structure, and program and revenue growth.

He and his teams have also created award winning aquatic programs and safety standards. Wes has had the pleasure of working with most, if not all, of the leading organizations for aquatics, fitness, and recreation in the country. From those experiences Wes launched his own consulting company, where he has developed his own risk assessment &staff audit programs (just to name a few). He is proud to have won national aquatic program and safety program awards as well authored an all-encompassing Aquatic Management “How to” Operations Manual (available 2020).

Wesley’s unwavering passion to ensure every pool in the country is operating at the safest and most optimal level is tangible. He shares his love for this industry, and his love for his Chicago Cubbies, with his wife lovely Meredith, and their two children Colby (6) and Sadie (2 ½) and their dog, Winnie!


Ph: (224) 698-0828


KARI MONTSION – Alpine Spa Covers – Vernon B.C.

Kari MontsionKari has 25 years experience in Canadian manufacturing, distribution and business development. She holds a degree in business management and is a Certified Pool/Spa Technician. A self-described “water geek”, her energy and enthusiasm are what drives her pursuits to spread the word about simplifying water management through product synergy.

Ph: 1-800-667-9707 (250-545-7779)