Chemistry controllers are the backbone of the modern pump room.

No matter what method is used to Sanitize, or maintain the pH in the water, Commercial Pools benefit from the use of a Chemistry Controller.

A chemistry controller monitors and controls the water 24 hours per day, something that is simply not possible manually.

Safe and clean water is the primary responsibility for the Pool Operator!

Operators who believe that they have “stable” chemistry levels prior to the use of a chemistry controller find that they backtrack completely after going onto a chemistry controller.

pH control is key to the protection of pool equipment, bather comfort, and the effectiveness of the sanitizer. At 7.5 pH chlorine is 50% effective, and at 8.0 it is only 24% effective! So maintaining a stable pH of about 7.4 is one of the key components of safe water. This is only possible with a Chemistry Controller, which will provide the Operator with a stable pH 24/7!

A Chemistry Controller (depending on model) can also handle many other tasks, a few examples include:
  • Data Logging
  • Remote Access/Monitoring
  • Alarm Reports
  • Trend Graphing
  • Integration with Building Automation
  • Auto-Fill control
  • Backwash control
  • Heater Control
  • Automatic Backup Sanitation and More!

A qualified operator is required to check and run a commercial pool, but the Chemistry Controller will not only make their job easier, it will keep your water safer, cleaner and will attract new swimmers.