Chlorine, what chlorine?

In Blog, Salt by Timothy Petsch

If you are in the pool industry you have no doubt heard of the looming chlorine crisis, if you have not then brace yourself for a shock (pardon the pun).

This shortage is due partially to the demand from the focus on backyard during the 2020 Covid crisis lockdown and the fact that a very large manufacturer BioLab had one of the factories burn down, and of course, to some extent, the freeze in Texas. All in 2020 – what a year hey?

The country is ready to resume “normal” life; pools, both residential and commercial are gearing up to open, but there is a concern, mainly with commercial pools that, just as they are ready to open and claw their way back to some sort of revenue stream, this hits, go figure, it’s enough to make a person want to go out and purchase a Salt system, there is no shortage of salt…yet?