BACnet and Aquatics Integration

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TMI’s RSC-3 chemistry controller is compatible with BACnet. All relays and inputs can be viewed and edited, so information such as the pool’s chemistry values will be visible from your BACnet interface.

BACnet (Building Automation and Control) offers integration of equipment regardless of vendor or proprietary software. With BACnet, everything is accessible from one portal, one interface.

Before BACnet, you would have to use multiple interfaces and bounce from each. Need to look at your HVAC system? Well, you might have to deal with several different software from several vendors to view or edit each part of the HVAC.

Chemistry Controllers automate some of the work in the pump room and the ability to access that automation remotely is an integral part of that system.

For aquatics, this means that your TMI chemistry controller can be added to the network that the HVAC is already on, that your building’s automation system is already using. This has been extremely important for some of our New York clients, in vary large buildings with systems sprawling across the facility from every industry and company.

Hospitals are another important user of BACnet. Due to increased network security and strict requirements, many systems must be on an internal network. Most of the time in a hospital environment, this aspect of aquatics is just left behind, or the controller is stuck on a VPN with limited functionality. With BACnet integration, your chemistry controller can be accessible like any of the automation there.

If this is something that interests you, speak with your facilities management to determine if a BACnet compatible controller is right for your site.

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