Labor Day Approaches!

In Blog, Holiday, Maintenance Tips by Aaron Donohue

You see it? Just there…. Just flip the page on the calendar… ah ha! now you see it, there it is, LABOR DAY!!!

There are only two weeks left to go for “Pool Season 2018” and the anticipation is building up! Pool operators around the country are looking forward to Labor day with glee, while some maintenance crews are anticipating it with dread.

For many out there, September 3, 2018, 12:01am will mark the end of “pool season”, they’ll turn the signs from “Open” to “Closed” and they will start the process of getting the pool ready for the winter ahead.

While the process varies from pool to pool, state to state and region to region; Labor Day marks the end of the 4am wake up calls, emergency “diaper incidents” and shift after shift of politely reminding people to “shower before entering the pool” and surprisingly… “you can’t shave that…in the pool…”

For those about to go into their winter break, take a day, you’ve earned it. Best to forget about the things you saw in the skimmer, floating into the gutters or trapped in the strainer…


Conversely, for many maintenance crews Labor Day will mark the beginning of the off-season maintenance. Things like deep cleaning the filters, draining and acid washing the pool, repairing broken or loose fittings, railing, niches, and eyelets or even changing out entire systems will begin. All of it having to be done with less time than you would think.


For everybody involved with the pool, we highly recommend going to a local establishment with your whole group, grabbing a round of beverages, and some hearty snacks… then get back to work you slackers! (Just kidding… you are taking a day off remember?)


All kidding aside, when you are making your decisions for system improvements, ordering your maintenance supplies or looking at that stain wondering “how did that even happen?….” we are only a phone call away, give us a buzz… we’ll be here, our season never ends…

Really… call us sometime… we’re friendly…