Aquatic Facility Plans and Checklists

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Timothy Petsch

Everyone needs a plan.  Do you have one?  Here are a few important things you can use to be sure you remain on top of your Aquatic Facility.

Do you have an emergency response plan?
Are your staff certified in CPR, and CPO’s?
Do you have your hazardous chemical data sheets for all your chemicals?
Does your staff know where to locate them?
Do you have a training plan for your staff?
Do you track daily users ?
Do your facilities staff have written preventative maintenance schedules?
Do you have O & I manuals for all your equipment?
Are your chemistry logs accessible and current?
Do you have a checklist for daily inspections?
Do you have a budget plan?

These and other plans and reports are critical for running a successful aquatic operation and avoiding any and all nasty surprises.