Breakpoint Chlorination

In Blog, Chemistry by Timothy Petsch

You all know the logic behind this right? Well if not then here is a short overview: –

Get enough people in your pool, doing what people do, sweat (yes, we sweat in water, the hotter it is the more we sweat) and pee, along with lotions etc. and we have the receipt for combined chlorine which is Ammonia combining with the single chlorine molecule to form chloramines (CC), the smelly stuff that burns your eyes.

When I first started teaching CPO® class, the most effective method to “remove” CC was to dump a bunch of free chlorine in the water (up to 10+ PPM of chlorine over the tested chlorine level in the water). This never did make sense to me, as it just seemed counter intuitive to me, note I do not have a chemistry background, but throwing chlorine at a problem created by chlorine did not seem logical, and in fact was a wasteful, time consuming task, that was, at best, simply a temporary fix, and did not help with water balance.

The only alternative at that time was to install an Ozone system, and some facilities did so, but the cost was prohibitive to most and the product was complex to maintain; I have seen as many abandoned ozone systems in mechanical rooms as I have seen functional.

So here is the simple way of keeping CC down and avoiding Breakpoint chlorination

1.            Ensure that you have an air handling system that can move all the air in the building 4-6 times per hour

2.            Look at installing a UV system. My company uses Low Pressure UV, and have had phenomenal results with the product especially when we pair it up with a well sized commercial Salt Pure® system

If you follow the above advice you can say goodbye to breakpoint chlorination.