About Corrosion and Bonding In The Swimming Pool

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I have a gripe about our industry and it can hit both the commercial pool owner and commercial pool guys pretty hard. In a nutshell, it is this:

Corrosion of metal components due to improper electrical bonding.

Yes, I am aware that we have blogged about this, discussed it, and even, as an industry had heated debates, but we haven’t DONE anything about the core problem. I do not profess to be an expert on the City/State/DoH inspection process, and also understand that these processes can vary greatly across the country. One fact I do understand is that the electrical system, both AC and D.C. Should be inspected and must be held to meet the NEC 680 code.

If this is not addressed during construction then a problem can occur, and will generally happen when all the trades, except for the pool builder, have left the project. From firsthand experience, I can tell you that the finger pointing and denial game can get pretty rough.

There needs to be a national procedure in place to ensure that this (national) code is enforced and standard set.

Going to have to assess what the MAHC has to say about creating a national standard to avoid this needless waste of resources, and with that in mind I, have contacted them to begin the conversation.