Learn to Swim!

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The Most Important Aspect of Enjoying Your Local Swimming Pool this Summer: LEARNING TO SWIM!

For fear of stating the obvious, the most important aspect is……learning to swim. Yes, I know this is self-evident but, and this is a huge BUT; if this is so darn self-evident, then why do we have multiple preventable drownings in our country everyday??? Yes, I said every day.

I know that there are many good people out there working really hard to teach kids and adults the skills to avoid this fate, swim schools are popping up all over the country, and I should know as we sell our sanitizing and automation equipment to many of them.

For this blog I would like to focus on one such group with such a passion that when you listen to them, it is palatable.  To better tell the story, here is a link to a video telling the success story of a young inner city lady lucky enough to meet Coach Eve and Bob.