Winter Skin – Tis the Season for Itchy Skin

In Blog, Chemistry by Timothy Petsch

If you are associated with public swimming pools then you have heard this one before “What have you done to the water, my skin gets really itchy these days?”


As a diligent operator, you check your chemical levels, and finding nothing askew, you tell the swimmer that the water is good.  But the complaints grow daily.  So you take your water to your pool professional and have them run a full computerized diagnostic, but alas, nothing is found that would cause this complaint, even your chlorine levels are within accepted tolerances.


From the research you have done, you are aware that exposure to traditional chlorine can cause itchy skin, and you have been super careful to ensure that chlorine levels are consistent and that Chloramines (combined chlorine) levels are below 0.4PPM; lower that your Department of Health requires.


These complaints are a surprise because you have not had any for a long time now so what is different…?


Then it hits you; it’s winter (:facepalm:)! The time when lots of folks, especially seniors, complain of itchy skin even when they are not swimming, so what is your course of action?


First get information to the swimmers that complain about the fact that their discomfort is most likely due primarily to the weather and offer some options to reduce their symptoms. I have checked in the CPO manual and they offer no remedy but, if you tool around the web you will find options that you may want to recommend, such as removing all makeup and rinsing with particular soaps.


Here is the caution, my research came up with a lot odd sites who recommend that the affected swimmer cover themselves with Vaseline, and in case you need reminding that is an oil based product and is gonna be heading for your filter and will potentially cause you a ton of headaches, SO you will want to get out the enzymes and enjoy your winter.