A Case for Salt

In Blog, Maintenance Tips, Salt by Timothy Petsch

The commercial aquatic industry has been using traditional chlorine for so long now that it has become THE standard method to sanitize a commercial pool; very little thought has gone into the burden that this product places on the folks who have to manufacture, transport, store and handle it, not least the detrimental environmental effect it has.

We have even adapted to the downsides of swimming in it, we have specialized shampoos that are “guaranteed” to remove chlorine from your hair and using “swim goggles” has become the norm.

Instead of showering before we swim, which is recommended to keep containments we carry on our bodies out of the pool, we shower AFTER we swim to remove that sticky feeling of the chlorine off our skin!

As with everything change is inevitable, and we are seeing a change in the attitude of chlorine use acceptance. Why, as one political pundit said, “It’s the cost stupid!”

Here is a recent example of a medical aquatic facility in the Midwest.

We believe that the time has come for commercial salt systems to come out of the shadows and be embraced by the industry; yes, they are not perfect, but neither is “traditional” chlorine as we all know.

It is critical for pool operators to make the right choice for their facility and commercial chlorine generation should be invited to the table by all disciplines in our industry – from Designers, Engineers, Owners, and of course Operators.