Pump Room Maintenance Considerations

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I spend a lot of time in pump rooms. If you are an established facility considering upgrading your pump room and equipment or a facility that is in the planning process; I urge you to consult with and use pump room experts. Plumbers, equipment providers, HVAC engineers, etc. AND speak to the operators working in the pump room. The operators will tell you if it’s difficult to work in there.

Pump rooms have a lot of equipment that can be costly to repair or replace. Speaking with the experts can help prevent a lot issues.  They can ensure everything is plumbed correctly, grounded properly, has the ventilation required for the equipment, laid out in a manner that is easy to access and service, etc. This will ensure your pump room is up to code and equipment can be serviced efficiently.

Below is a picture of a commercial facility.  The plumbing is amazing, emphasis on maze. It works, but if you need to clean the cell or fix a piece of the plumbing, that could be an unnecessary challenge due to the complexity and the improper bypass placement.

In the second picture, it is laid out in a much less confusing manner and the bypass is installed correctly.

As someone that has to work on equipment in the pump rooms, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to easily access equipment and service it.

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