How Often Should a Pool be Brushed?

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Commercial pools should be brushed daily. For a residential pool, the typical recommendation is to brush once or twice a week. Most residential pools see a ridiculously low bather load. Commercial pools often have bather loads in the hundreds or sometimes even thousands each day. Therefore, brushing daily is necessary.

Why should the pool be brushed so often?

Dirt and debris accumulate rapidly in a commercial pool. It settles onto the surface of the pool and then people walk on it repeatedly, grinding the dirt into the pool surface. This can cause staining. If you have brown staining, there’s a good chance it’s just dirt that has been ground into the surface, staining it. Additionally, swimmers carry oils and other substances into the pool with can coat surfaces. Brushing will also prevent algae growth, scaling, etching, and more. Brushing will lead to a better surface appearance and can increase the lifespan of the surface.

When is a good time to brush the pool?

  • After adding chemicals, always brush the pool. No exceptions. Chemicals will often fail to dissolve totally. Even if the chemicals appear to dissolve, keep in mind that there could be some “heavier than water syrup” sitting on the bottom of the pool. Brush it all toward the drains.
  • Before a pool opens for the day, or after it closes, or both!
  • Is there no one in the pool right now? Brush it!
  • After replastering, brush the pool TWICE daily. Refer to your plasterer’s instructions for exact details.

What should be brushed?

All of it. The walls, floor, steps, etc. With a good pool brush on a pole.

Is vacuuming enough?

No, vacuuming is not the same thing, though it is also good and necessary in a commercial pool. If you have an automatic pool vacuum that cleans it nightly, that’s still not a replacement for a good old-fashioned pool brush. The automatic pool cleaners are not brushing the surface much, if at all.

Brushing the pool daily is strongly recommended for best results. Think of it like brushing your teeth, it’s something that needs to happen often enough to prevent issues.

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