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Last time we looked at using LEDs for some energy savings: ENERGY SAVINGS FOR YOUR POOL SERIES: LEDs – TMI Sustainable Aquatics (

This time, we look at using a VFD to control the circulation pump to save money.

A VFD (variable frequency drive) will change the RPM (rotations per minute) of the circulation pump. Most large commercial pumps have two states: 0% (off) and 100% (on). With a VFD, you can target a GPM (gallons per minute). A flow meter that measures the GPM is installed and wired to the VFD and then the pump is also wired to the VFD. So, if you require 250 GPM to meet regulation turnover, you can set the VFD to 250 GPM and it will change the motor of the circulation pump as needed to meet that GPM requirement.

Where does the energy savings come in?

The higher the RPM of the pump, the more electricity it uses. By changing the RPM only as needed, it means you will only use the electricity that’s needed. Many facilities are using more electricity than they should be by not using a VFD. As a bonus, this can also reduce the wear and tear on the pool pump, as it won’t be running at 100% constantly.

Consider installing a VFD on your commercial pool pump to save money and energy.