Talking Safety

In Blog by Timothy Petsch

In our industry safety is an issue that should always be on a pool technician’s mind. We actually devote an entire chapter in our CPO classes on safety.

I was paging through AQUA magazine and read this article about a service rep that was killed by an exploding sand filter in a backyard pool. My immediate thought was “How bizarre. What’s the chance of that?” … Well, a little time spent scrolling around the web told me otherwise; this kind of accident is not as infrequent as I initially thought.

The most deaths in all types of pools in the US are from drowning.  On average, 11 persons PER DAY suffer this fate; this is horrendous and unacceptable. Much is being done by community centers, swim clubs and swim schools to address this awful statistic.

However, there are many other dangers lurking in a commercial pool environment than drowning. With the assumption that all pools are to code on the VGBA; I have listed a number of other potential dangers here:

  • Chemical storage – many chemicals should not be stored in close proximity to each other.
  • Improperly sealed chemical containers
  • Misuse of chemicals.  Some of the biggest problems have resulted from mixing the wrong chemicals.
  • Indoor water quality and chloramines can have negative long-term health benefits.
  • Not having the correct Safety and Rescue equipment available
  • Slippery decks, tripping obstacles on the deck
  • Improper or nonuse of personal safety gear
  • Gas leaks from pool heaters
  • Electrical shocks from old pool lights and lack of proper grounding and bonding

While the list seems long and daunting, a well-structured, implemented, and practiced safety plan can ensure that none of the above ever darkens your facilities door.

If you would like to read the AQUA Magazine article, I have pasted it here.

            A Pool Filter Explosion Kills Pool Tech | AQUA Magazine