The Model Aquatic Health Code

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Required Reading: The Model Aquatic Health Code (2016)

Recently the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code has concluded it’s 2017 Biennial conference. During the conference that entities from the public health sector as well as from the private Aquatics sector get to submit their requests for changes in the code. These requests then get voted on. The results of that vote can be found here.

As per the results of the vote, 179 changes where submitted, 68% of them passed.

The list of changes includes changes in the use of Cyanuric Acid, the requirement of secondary sanitation systems, turnover rate adjustments, the need for a written Preventative Maintenance Plan as well as a Mechanical Equipment inventory. The list goes on with Chemistry controllers, UV and CO2 systems.

Even though the vote is complete, the amended code is not in effect. The current code in effect is the 2016 MAHC. If you haven’t yet had a read through the 2016 code, feel free to download it from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

The CDC also offers a page with resources for Aquatics Staff, facts sheets about the MAHC, tools forms and protocols a training section and much more.

The Aquatics community professionals should absolutely read the current Model Aquatic Health Code and review the changes coming up with the 2017 changes. Do not get caught unaware. All the information you need to maintain a safe, compliant facility is just a few clicks away. The code is not put in place for the “other guys”, it’s put in place for all of us.

If you need help with the planning or the implementation on any of the provisions of the MAHC, reach out to your friendly TMI tech support person.