How To Choose Chemistry Controller For A Commercial Pool?

In Blog, Controllers by Aaron Donohue

So, you are looking at chemistry controllers intending to buy. You’ve either decided it’s time to “jump on the band wagon” and automate some of those tasks you’ve been doing by hand, or, perhaps you are simply replacing an older unit, either way there are things to consider before signing on the dotted line, or hitting submit on the order.

You must first consider what you want the controller to do. Not every controller has the same features and functions, and much like buying a car, you don’t want to be stuck with buyer’s remorse right out of the gate on the purchase.

For most commercial swimming facilities, the following features are a minimum requirement;

  • pH Monitoring and Control – The system will need to monitor pH in real time, and automatically add acid, Co2 or Sodium Carbonate to maintain correct levels.
  • Chlorine Monitoring and Control – The system will need to monitor chlorine in some way to prevent too little / too much chlorine in the water. It should automatically add chlorine as needed to maintain correct levels.
  • No Flow Cutoff – The system should identify situations were flow is not present and prevent chemicals from being injected.

Beyond these absolute basic requirements, the rest is up to the operator’s requirements. Things like remote interface vs. physical interface only, ppm vs. orp, multi-pump control or single pump, and much much more.

My Best advice is to start with what you need the controller to do, then add the “really would be helpful if” items, then end with the “would be nice but not necessary” items.

Don’t forget though, the most important feature of any controller you decide to purchase should be support and training, if you are left to “go it alone” after purchase, you are much more likely to end up frustrated and unhappy than you would if you are properly supported and trained in the use of the equipment.

For a copy of our Chemistry Controller Purchase Checklist, email me at and I’ll be happy to send one over.