Swim & Tennis Club

184,000 Gallons –  3 pools

Salt Pure® Conversion: 2001

Salt Pure® Upgrade: 2010

Salt Synergy® Ultra Violet Sanitation Addition: 2016

The Club at Harbor Point was founded in the late 1960s by the Kaliski Brothers, Ray and Marty. Still owned and operated by the Kaliski Family, The Club at Harbor Point offers a resort-like environment in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  With a waterfront location, the Clubhouse, fitness center, pool and tennis courts are second to none. The Club at Harbor Point is committed to providing friendly and professional service in a social resort atmosphere where optimum health and wellness can be obtained daily through high quality fitness, nutrition and education.

Read an except from TMI interview with Bob Kaliski:

How important is the swimming component at this tennis club?

“Swim members are very important to us, because, in reality, they allow us to have all the other facilities paid for by the swim members.  Even though the utilities for the pool cost money, heating the pool etc, the swim memberships pay more than that, covering other costs giving our tennis memberships a break in their costs.”

Installed first TMI system in 1998, what compelled you to go with Salt?

“I had been club manager for about 10 years and had seen swim suits in Lost and Found in terrible condition, with holes in them, people had been complaining about burning eyes and all sorts of complaints that raw chlorine will do.  We were searching for a way to allow members to swim at Harbor Point without all those reactions.

“After we installed the TMI system, the members came back in droves saying how much they loved the water, how soft the water was, their eyes no longer burned, their swim suits weren’t rotting off their bodies and they were ecstatic about it. The word got around.  AT that time we had about 150 memberships, and when word got around to the other clubs, we must have picked up at least 50 swim members from the other clubs because of the quality of the water in our pool.  “

Cost effective

It was cost effective from the start.  We used to have to pour all sorts of chemicals into the pool before, and the TMI system allowed us not to have to do that, not shock the pool anymore, and add a fiberglass bottom to the pool solving the algae problem.

Easier to Maintain

Yes.  Once the maintenance people learned how to use the equipment it was a piece of cake.  All we ever had to do was order new cells when the old cells wore out.

Upgrading in 2010

We were putting in a brand new $3.5 million fitness facility and we wanted to make sure that our pool, along with our other pools (wader and spa) were upgrade as well. TMI has the the top of the line system and we really trust TMI so we decided to go with TMI.  We are ecstatic.

What would you say to other facilities

“In Marin County there are a finite number of clubs where dedicated swim people can do their laps and the systems that come in that are TMI systems are going to allow those clubs to take members from the other clubs. It’s as simple as that.  Just like we took 50 – 60 members from other clubs when we installed the system and now we’re at our maximum for swim memberships.  So we won’t be stealing any more members from other clubs but the first clubs who get the TMI system, will be drawing members from other clubs and it is going to pay for itself in the long run!”

Bob Kaliski, General Manager, The Club at Harbor Point, Marin County CA

County CA

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