Retirement Community 30,000 Gallons –  2 pools Salt Pure® Conversion: 2007 Salt Synergy® Upgrade: 2011 Centrally located in downtown Seattle, Horizon House is a dynamic retirement community dedicated to dignified aging, life fulfillment and service to the broader community.  It is a model urban community of choice recognized as the leader in creative aging.  Horizon House offers a variety of living spaces from cozy studios to spacious penthouses.  Offerings include exercise and wellness programs, social and educational activities and outings.  Horizon House chose to go Salt Pure® in 2007 and upgraded to Salt Synergy® in 2011. In an interview with Bob Hughes, Chief Engineer  in 2011, he mentioned that “working with TMI to install Salt Pure® at Horizon House was a smart business decision because we have had numerous residents who have told us that they chose Horizon House because of the Salt Pure® pool!”   He added “My maintenance staff also find it easier to maintain the pools in a sparkling condition working with this equipment.  TMI is communicative and provides excellent technical support!”   Read his full letter by clicking here. Read what the Horizon House maintenance staff have to say about the decision to go with the TMI Systems: “As for the Salt Synergy® UV system, within two days my chloramines went from .6 and .8 to zero and I’m ecstatic about that. I have stopped using the O2 Pure in the pool and now just do a Cal Hypo shock every 4 to 6 weeks and my water is crystal clear. My residents are happy and so am I. All in all this was a great investment.” Bruce Stanford, Maintenance

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