Transform your water,  reduce chloramines and please your swimmers with a fully automated Salt Pure® system,  widely used in all types of facilities.

Chlorine is mandated for use in commercial pools because it is the most effective agent (FAC -free available chlorine) to kill most germs such as E.Coli, Giardia and norovirus.

So, why choose Salt Pure®?…


TMI has been developing and refining the Salt Pure® package for over 20 years.

A “Salt Pure®” system is made up of a few key pieces of equipment, which are selected and/or manufactured to meet our specific criteria so that we can ensure you get the highest quality of water possible, and can maintain that level of water quality throughout the life of the system.

Those components are:

  1. Salt Pure® Chlorine Generators
  2. Salt Pure® Chemistry Controllers
  3. Salt Pure® Specialty Chemicals & Preventative Maintenance Program

The advent of chlorine generators has allowed this effective sanitizer (chlorine) to be used while creating a more swimmer friendly environment, an all-around healthier pool and a more sustainable option for commercial pool owners.

What sets TMI apart from other equipment providers is TMI Support.  The Salt Pure® package does include a fourth, non-equipment element, and that is the TMI Tech Team.

Every member of our Tech Team is either CPO® certified or  a CPO® Instructor  and are able to work with your staff through every phase of planning, design, conversion, startup and operation of your Salt Pure® system.

Facilities that convert to a Salt Pure® system receive the intrinsic benefits of chlorine generation as well as the added benefit of knowledgeable help, just a phone call away, and our clients will attest to that!

Over the last decade, chlorine generators have become the premier choice for all types of commercial pools. Swimmers love it, it is a “Greener” solution for sanitizing a pool and it usually offers a good ROI (Return on Investment) – the larger or busier the pool, the better the return!

Some key benefits:

  • Dramatically improves the quality of your water and attracts more swimmers to your facility. Swimmers love it, and word of mouth works!
  • Saves money and pays for itself – ordinary chlorine never does!
  • Stabilizes pH –reducing the frequency of pH adjustments and lowers the cost of pH control medium
  • Reduces maintenance time on pool and reduces storage & handling of hazardous chemicals
  • Reduces musty swimming pool odor & improves air quality, further results can be achieved with Salt Synergy®
  • Distinguishes your pool as a premier swimming location as well as becoming a  sustainable facility  with Salt Pure® water
  • Approved for commercial use by every Health & Safety agency across the U.S.


Your swimmers will thank you.  They will love the gentle feel of the Salt Pure® water !


  • SALT PURE®: – 100% chlorine at around 8 (very close to neutral,7 is neutral)
  • LIQUID BLEACH: – 12% chlorine with pH of 12.9 (the high pH is due to caustic soda added to increase shelf life)
  • TRI-CHLOR: – 90% available chlorine with a pH of 2.9 (very acidic)
  • DI-CHLOR:- 62% chlorine with a pH of 6.0 (still acidic)
  • CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE: – 65% with a pH of 11.9 (very Alkaline)
  • LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE:- 35% chlorine with pH of 10.5

Further Explanation of the Salt Pure® Equipment:

The Salt Pure® Chlorine Generator:

The chlorine generator provides the sanitation. Installing the TMI  inline chlorine generator gives you the best quality of water available in a commercial facility today.

TMI chlorine generators are  designed from the ground up to be  tough, long lasting sanitation systems. The Salt Pure® system can treat more water per minute than most competitors’ units, and as we all know, the faster you can treat the water, the better the resulting water quality.

The Salt Pure® Chemistry Controller:

The standard Salt Pure® Chemistry controller is setup as a highly customizable single  pool controller that can automatically control the output of  the Salt Pure® chlorine generator, and the chemical feed pumps. It has the ability to store large amounts of data and report that data to your computer for highly accurate graphing.  This  allows the operator to spot a trend and correct it before a problem can develop. TMI has multiple controller options available, some more complex and modular than the standard version, and some far simpler. We have a controller to suit whatever need you might have.

The Specialty Chemicals & Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

The PMP was designed to complement the Salt Pure® Chlorine Generator and Chemistry Controller by helping to keep the pool’s inherent chlorine demand as low as possible. This in turn protects the equipment providing a longer life for the cell.  As with any equipment, Salt Pure® systems need to be maintained properly for maximum efficiency and greatest lifecycle. The electrolytic cells are constructed from expensive materials – Titanium and Ruthenium Oxide.  By practicing effective Preventative Maintenance, the cell components are protected and cell life can be maximized.

All pools create some amount of static chlorine demand, or, the amount of chlorine required to be put into the water before a residual can be built up. By utilizing our PMP our clients are able to reduce this demand by preventing the build up of phosphates, algae and  bio-film. Enzymes help to reduce the oils and organic materials in the water, and filter treatments and cleaning agents keep the filters running at high efficiency. Many of these types of chemicals are commonly used  in the industry, but our specific combination and treatment schedule will help to keep your pool looking its best, and help keep it properly sanitized.

APPLICATIONS – all commercial pools

  • Golf & Country Clubs, 
  • Health & Fitness Clubs, 
  • HOA’s, 
  • Hotels & Resorts, 
  • Jewish Community Centers,
  • Military Recreation & Training centers, 
  • Municipal Pools, 
  • Retirement Communities, 
  • Swim Schools, 
  • Tennis & Swim Clubs, 
  • Therapy Pools, 
  • University & College Pools, 
  • WaterParks, 
  • YM/YWCA’s

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