Chemistry Controllers Should be Online and Accessible to Operators

In Blog by David Jerkins

We’ve reached the point in the technical evolution of pool equipment that chemistry controllers should be (I would say must be) connected to the network so that all pool operators and management can access and view.

Some (our controllers for example) controllers now can be connected with an ethernet cable and some minor network settings changed so that a chemistry controller can be viewed online, usually in a web browser. This allows operators and management to monitor the chemistry without even being on site. Service providers can monitor multiple pools without more frequent site visits.

For TMI, this is an important feature. Our controllers integrate with zLOG, our automated software package that will record a permanent history of logs, notifications, and many more features.

A GUI can be viewed, setpoints can be changed, alarms can be cleared and reconfigured, flow meters can be checked. Anything in the mechanical room connected to the controller can be accessed and adjusted. In today’s day and age, that’s a must. It’s also a tool for communication. Management can take a look at the readings any time.

Not putting a chemistry controller online is a bit like purchasing a new car and then only using most of its functions, when unlocking its full potential is so easy.

This isn’t just limited to a basic TCP/IP connection: you can also use BACNET and other protocols to access controllers. We did another blog post on BACNET you can check out here: BACnet and Aquatics Integration – TMI Sustainable Aquatics (