Pool Chemical Storage

In Blog by Timothy Petsch

I cannot tell you how many commercial pump rooms I have been in where the chemicals are stored right there in the mechanical room; sometimes with different types of chemicals stacked next to each other or on shelves. Not only is it very dangerous but it usually leads to corrosion of all metal fittings in the room due to off gassing, and is darn unhealthy to breathe.

Gotta tell you it sends a shiver up my spine, and I am quick to point out the inherent dangers at play here; the nasty scenarios are too numerous to mention here but believe me they can be life threatening:

  • Certain chemicals can self-combust when mixed together
  • Earthquakes/natural disasters can knock chemicals off shelves
    The obvious solution, and one that is regulated is to have a separate chemical room with an adequate vent fan installed. Usually, this room is in close proximity to the mechanical room, and may even hold the tank of liquid chlorine, which feeds into the return line of the pool through 3/8” tubing, or a tab feeder. If acid is used for pH balance, then it should be located in a separate, ventilated room.

One innovative way to reduce your hazardous chemical storage is to switch to a commercial salt system, and simply store bags of salt; it is an option worth considering.