Thoughts About Your Concrete Pool Deck

In Blog by Timothy Petsch

All pools and spas should have a pool deck around them, most codes require a minimum of about 5′ of deck and require that decks slope towards the drain at about 1/4″ per linear foot.  This will vary depending on where you live.  Please check the local ordinances for more information.

Here are some random thoughts about decks that might be useful to you:

  • Before the pool opens be sure that the deck is clear of obstacles and water..should someone slip or trip, bingo, potential injury and lawsuit
  • Cracks in decks can be a potential tripping hazard… see above point
  • Be sure to have your sign that says “no running” posted prominently.
  • Don’t put potted plants around the pool, they may look pretty, but that fertilizer you add is full of nitrates, you know – the stuff that instantly neutralizes chlorine and makes your water turn super cloudy.
  • Periodically hose your deck down, if you need to scrub your deck you can make a mild solution of bleach and water (remember to add chems to water, not the reverse!)
  • Do not use TSP or any cleaning product with phosphates as an ingredient..see potted plant section.
  • If your deck material is the porous kind, sandstone, you may consider using a clear sealant to reduce water penetration into the deck.

With thoughtful planning, your deck will look great, be a safe place  and attract your swimmers to spend time hanging out at your pool.