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In by TMI Sustainable Aquatics

When Snohomish Aquatic Center was planning their opening, they “bragged” about the fact that they were going to be a Salt water facility, and emphasized their water and air quality. As a result, the swimmers visiting Snohomish have come with high expectations, and we consistently meet them. It comes down to the lack of chloramines. We have zero chloramines. This is not really hard when you have the proper equipment. With 1,000 people though my 128,0000 gallon leisure pool I can still knock the chloramines down by the next morning.
In short, both water and air quality are excellent with the TMI Salt Pure® System combined with UV – Salt Synergy®. This has been a phenomenal experience. The TMI team and the training on equipment has also been exceptional. With a TMI Tech on the line and available when I need them, my job has been so much easier. I would definitely highly recommend TMI equipment to another Water Park