Reopening? A Few Pump Room Start-up Tips

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Ed Miller

With COVID-19 a part of all our lives and as pools around the US start re-opening it will be a good time to make sure your pump room is also ready.
Here are a few things i would check and also a couple of tips to prepare your pump room and pool area for start-up and reopening.

• Inspect your pool and pump room area’s for anything out of the ordinary such as loose connections including equipment bonding connections, Check for leaks especially in the area’s around compression fittings on acid pumps and unions on equipment that might of been bypassed during the pool closure and now are being brought back online such as chlorine generators, heater loops, or UV reactor housings or back up feeders.

• It always good to start off with clean filters.

• Verify that all isolation valves are in their correct positions and always open or close a isolation valve in a slow and steady motion to avoid damaging equipment or plumbing.

• Isolation valves should be labeled or tagged to keep someone unfamiliar with the pump room from redirecting water from vital equipment such as heaters or equipment that require a factory specified amount of flow.

• Check for any obvious hazards or obstructions around the pool.
Balance pool to LSI (Langelier Saturation Index)

• If you utilize chemistry controllers verify that your hand readings match controllers readings and if not its possible the probes may need to be cleaned, or replaced as per the factory recommendations.
• Verify you have the correct amount of chemicals on hand, and sufficient to last you at least 3 months

• Disinfect your pump room and all items that can come into contact with the public such as hand rails, chairs, shower knobs, floaty’s etc on a regular basis.

• As hard as it might be with children and some grownups the staff must try and enforce the 6′ physical distancing rule.

• Most importantly stay safe and enjoy your summer!