Pump Room Maintenance: What’s in Your Tool Bag?

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What’s in your tool bag? Everyone has a standard set of tools they always use when working in the pump room.  My tool bag has a TDS meter, test kit, a voltage meter, spare parts, etc.   In addition to the standard tools I carry, I will also bring other tools that some might think as not necessary.

Below is an example what’s in my tool bag that  I bring and are always handy:

  • A Dremmel. Believe it or not I don’t know how many times this tool has helped me when addressing issues within the pump room, from cutting off rusty or broken bolts to cleaning up corrosion on equipment this tool always goes with me on a service call.
  • Wire crimps. They are very helpful when fixing broken connection or wires. I always have an assortment of spade connectors and splices with me when out in the field.
  • Surgical gloves. It is important when to have clean hands when working on delicate pieces of equipment, they allow me to go from re sealing and chlorine generator cell to replacing a circuit board in seconds and they obviously also protect your hands.
  • A strap wrench. I don’t know how many pump rooms I have been In and the maintenance department or pool operator do not have one readily available. This tool is essential in tightening up leaky unions.
  • WD-40. This product or similar products are a life saver when dealing with corroded bolts or pieces of equipment.
  • Clean rags. As simple as it sounds one of my most used tools.

What tools do you guys have in your tool bag that seem off the wall? We’d love to hear it.

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