Pools Are So Much Work – Why Bother?

In Blog by David Stringfellow


Most of the time I get to hear about all the “bad” that’s going on with a pool – leaking pumps, busted heaters, undersized filters, deck deterioration, you name it. If it’s happened to a pool I’ve probably heard about it. Although I love the challenge behind figuring out how to fix these issues, finding out why they happened in the first place, and coming up with a sustainable solution that hopefully prevents said issue from resurging sometime in future, it can start to feel like I’m being bombarded with negativity. The pool operators out there who, day in and day out they are tasked with keeping a flooded hole in the ground crystal clear, shiny, and most importantly safe by fighting water balance, mechanical failures, budgets, and the ever terrifying “Code Brown” must feel this way far more often than I do.

So, I was feeling a bit on edge one day and was having a conversation with my best good buddy, who also happens to be my 6 year old son. I asked him “Why do you like to swim?” He immediately replied “Because it’s fun!”

Wow. That simple, yet honest statement really helped to take me out of my own head and reminded me of those sunny southern summer days spent at the creek, pond, pool (heck, anything with water in it!). It really put into perspective the most important aspect of why so many people spend so much money, time, and effort on a pool – because it’s fun! Sure, there are health benefits but let’s be real; no one really does anything for any length of time unless they get some enjoyment out of it.

Listen, stuff is going to happen. That’s unavoidable. As the pool operator you can bet your bottom dollar that one day, it’s going to hit the fan and land in your lap. We’ve been through how to mitigate those issues in previous posts and hopefully you have been able to use some of the tips and tricks to your advantage, but here’s one that I hope comes to mind first: You, oh Valiant Pool Operator, are responsible for someone’s fond memories of swimming, a child’s smile on those scorching summer days, and the giggle that still escapes us all (no matter how old) when we go down a water slide. That’s all you.

So in conclusion, thank you. Thank you for being the most important part of any aquatic facility, and remember, Don’t Panic.