Knowledge is Power – Swimming Pool Pump Room Survival Guide!

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by David Stringfellow



In my last installment, I wrote (some would even say waxed eloquently) about the benefits of modern technology helping the ever vigilant pool operator keep the pool crystal clear, while minimizing the day to day maintenance and saving the facility a ton of money in labor, energy costs, and downtime for repairs.

Pretty freaking exciting stuff right!

But as expected, I received a few comments to the tune of “great idea, but budgets…” Hey, I get it. Not everyone out there can afford the latest equipment (stupid budgets popping everyone’s bubbles), but there is something that can be done that doesn’t require a whole lot of money.

What I failed to mention on the last blog is that no matter what equipment you have on hand – be it old, new, or MacGyver’d – without staff who know how it works and how to properly operate the equipment, you are pretty much dumping money down the drain.

So what to do? Well, to complete the circle, Don’t Panic!

Training your current operator or making sure that he/she has all the necessary reference material is fairly cheap when compared to a new filter or heater. CPO® classes are available almost anywhere; you can find them from California to the Ukraine. Yep, the Ukraine (the next CPO course there is August 1st, by the way). The internet is accessible from almost any device and is chock full of “how to” guides, pool calculators, and phone numbers that will connect anyone to an aquatic guru like myself.

So in parting, I have a few questions for all of you. How are you maximizing your facility’s effectiveness, while keeping your current members happy and growing your client database?