Rubber Tubing In Your Pump Room

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Timothy Petsch

If you run a commercial pool you see these 3/8″ tubes running across your mechanical room, they seem kind of small and insignificant, but if you are not vigilant they could end up being your worst nightmare!

On one hand they could just carry sample water to and from the Chemistry Controller, so that is just pool water, no big problem but a concern…

On the other hand they might be transporting Muriatic acid to the pool to lower pH, or liquid chlorine to sanitize the pool; either way those liquids are extremely hazardous to human health and can damage expensive equipment in minutes.

Over time this tubing can get brittle and, without warning crack or burst, sending hazardous liquid flying all over your pool room, not something that you want to rush in and deal with, and believe me, it happens more often than you would think. Last one we heard of the acid sprayed onto the electrical panel, and as would happen, the cover had been left open and the ensuing damage was extensive, but very fortunately, no one was injured.

Even if this had “just” been pool water, the damage could have been significant.

The solution is very simply, replace all flex hosing every 24 months or so, and on a monthly basis check all connections. Note down that this has been done.

There are mobile applications out now that can track this function for you and set up auto reminders for you…a wise idea. A wise idea indeed.


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