Health Insurance Rebate With Gym Membership

How To Get Health Insurance Rebate With A Gym Membership?

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Swimming and Your Health

Franciscan OMNI Rec Pool

Swimming is great exercise and it’s fun! Many of us suffer from sore knees, joints, etc. By working out in water, many of these aches won’t be further compounded by the harsher rigors of exercising with full gravity.

Some facilities offer salt water pools. Because of the gentle nature of a salt water pool, people are able to stay in the water longer than a typical chlorine pool allowing for more time exercising.  A representative from Franciscan OMNI states, “They(clients) love the salt water vs chlorine pools. They say it is better for their skin, breathing, eyes, and bathing suit.”

Medical Memberships

Sometime a doctor will prescribe a person exercise, perhaps to lose weight or for rehabilitation. Whatever the reasons, there are many places that offer Medical Memberships when a client is referred to their facility. Franciscan OMNI in Schererville, Indiana offers Medical Memberships to those that were referred to them. Medical Memberships are typically not covered by insurance providers and each client must have a medical screening and sign a waiver.  At Franciscan their Medical Membership is $60 for 60 days and offers a health club including salt water pools.

Letter of Medical Necessity

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), some health care services and products are only eligible for reimbursement from your health care spending accounts when your doctor or provider certifies that they are medically necessary.

If you have a well written Letter of Medical Necessity by a medical professional (physician), you may be able to get your money back. A LOMN, is only for a set, specific amount of time, needed to treat a specific ailment. With a LOMN, you could possibly get a full refund (after services rendered) by your provider. These can be denied if they are not filled out or specific enough for your provider.  You would need to check with your provider for more information.


Did you know depending on your health insurance partial rebates may be available for gym memberships? Or that certain insurance companies partner with health clubs to provide discounted memberships for use? For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield has partnered with Healthways having discounted membership pricing. With Healthways and Blue Cross you can access thousands of gym locations nationwide.  You would need to check your health insurance policy to see if you are covered.