Water Auto Fill Placement

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Pool Water Auto Fill Should Never be Place Before a Salt Cell

A commercial swimming pool will include separate pieces of equipment all combined into one system in the mechanical room. Getting the order correct isn’t just desired, it’s required. In this example, we’ll be talking about why you should never have water auto-fill plumbed before a chlorine generator’s cell.

A chlorine generator requires a certain salinity in the water to produce chlorine. If the salinity is too low in the body of water, this could cause several issues including Lack of production, damage to the cell and finally destruction of the cell. It’s important to always maintain the correct salinity in the water.

When a water auto-fill system is involved, it will add fresh water as needed. So, if the water level in the body of water starts to drop, the autofill kicks on, and begins feeding fresh water into the pipe. If that fresh water is piped in such a way that it goes through the salt cell, it will severely lower the salinity for a short period of time, causing systems to shut off or become damaged over time. It will also be a lower temperature, which could also cause similar issues.

Anytime a salt cell is plumbed in, be mindful of this. If needed, move the autofill water system to the return away from everything else.

For already installed systems, now is a good time to go check that the autofill is in the right position. If it’s not, move it as soon as possible.

Order of operations is important for not just this, but all equipment. Always talk to the manufacturer before installing any equipment and discuss the best place for it. If you’d like to ask questions about where something should be plumbed, reach out to our tech team at tech@tmiaquatics.com.

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