The End of Pool Season in the Mech Room

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As summer slowly comes to an end, outdoor seasonal pools will be closing down for the year. While it’s common practice to cover pools and clear the decks, what does the end of a pool season mean for the equipment in the mechanical room?

The first thing to remember is that the pump should be running even during the off-season. If the water is not circulating for extended periods of time, it will cause water quality to drop to abysmal levels. The pool will be green and full of algae and other problems when the next season comes around. In addition to that, the poor water quality can damage other equipment throughout the pump room. It might be tempting to save on operating costs by shutting the pump off, but the costs in terms of possible damage and repairing the water itself are not worth it. Instead, if you have a variable speed pump or a VFD, lower the flow rate through the system to a lower level, which will lower operating costs while keeping the pool circulating.

In addition to this, chemistry must be maintained even during the off-season. Failing to maintain the water chemistry will result in damage to equipment. We strongly recommend following most standard practices even during the off-season.

One of the few pieces of equipment that can be turned off during this time is the heater.

The end of the season is a great time to perform maintenance. Chlorine generator cells can be cleaned and ready for the new year, controller probes cleaned and calibrated, tubing replaced if it’s been a few years.

If the pool is being drained during the off-season, please keep in mind that the probes for the chemistry controller need to be always kept wet. Probes can be destroyed if allowed to dry out.

While it’s true there should be no swimmers to worry about while the pool is closed, the equipment is still of importance. Poor water quality will damage equipment and shorten its lifespan. Failure to circulate the water and maintain a basic water chemistry can also result in damage to pool surfaces. If the pool is plaster, one bad off-season can severely stain the plaster. By circulating the water and maintaining decent chemistry, you can prolong the life of the equipment in the mechanical room and protect the pool.