Summer is Coming! – Dealing with Sunscreen in a Swimming Pool

In Blog by Aaron Donohue

The sun is coming out, summer is coming, and many outdoor pools will be opening soon, but indoor pools may already be seeing the effects of sunblock on their pools and filters.

As parents cover their children in sunblock, managing pool clarity and chlorine demand can become a chore. Sunblock plugs up filters, creates a sheen on the surface of the pool and contributes to cloudy water in both indoor and outdoor pools. For a more in depth explanation of the effect that sunscreen can have on your water, check out Timothy’s previous article, Sunscreen and Swimming Pools.

For years we have been supplying clients with chemicals to help with this issue and this year we will be quoting out “summer kits” to those interested.

These kits will be made up of:

ZymePure – to help break down the compounds in sunblock that coagulate and cause cloudy water and impact filters.

FilterAid – to help filters remove debris and coagulated compounds more efficiently.

DryFilter Cleaner – to clean the sand in the filters and restore proper filtration rates/pressures.

3XPhos Plus – to reduce and manage phosphates.

Quantities of each chemical will vary based on pool size and usage.

Call your TMI Rep today to get your summer kit and be prepared to the season to come.