Pools and Rust, Pump Rooms and Corrosion

These things go hand in hand most of the time, and for as long as the aquatics industry has been around there has only been one method to deal with it.

swimming pool rust protection

We don’t mean the method by which the rust is actually removed; we mean the attitude towards it. It seems that most pool operators just accept that their equipment will rust, their light fixtures will rust, and metal objects around and in the pool will rust… and then they wipe, scrub and grind it off. This is all Reaction.

Proactive measures can be taken to protect the metals in and around your pool.

ProtectaClear®-AF is a coating that reduces the ability of oxygen and oxidizing  chemicals/agents to reach the surface of your metals and inhibits rusting. If scratched or damaged, the ProtectaClear®-AF coat can be fixed by simply applying a new coat on both the exposed area, and the surrounding area. The ProtectaClear®-AF will bond to the existing coat, and will become just as resistant as the initial coat.

In a few cases rust looking “build up” may be noticed. These buildups are formed when metals in the water precipitate out onto the ProtectaClear®-AF coating. These buildups are easily wiped off with a rag or sponge and if necessary a spot treatment of ProtectaClear® can be added, but in most cases is not needed.

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