Is It Worth To Pay For On-Going Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance?

In Blog by Timothy Petsch

I have a good client who runs a very busy swim school in a metropolitan area. The pool has been open for about 5 years since the group spent a large amount of money on a complete renovation of the pool structure and mechanical room. My client was adamant that they wanted to install a salt system, as their research led them to the fact that not only would it attract more swimmers, but the swim instructors would be able to stay in the water longer, without experiencing skin rashes.

Well the pool opened and has been a great success, attracting maximum bathers and becoming a profitable business, for the first 5 years.  That is when their large pool heater failed, and the costly chlorine generating system required a new set of cells.

I was shocked to hear that the company choose not to implement a on going maintenance budget that accounted for the predictable replacement of larger, and more expensive components over time. So instead of simply drawing from the long range maintenance account, the company had to scramble to locate the funds to pay for the parts and installation, this funding solution did not happen immediately, so that meant the pool was out of use for an extended period of time, further disrupting cash flow, and doing deep damage to their client base.

This is a situation that should never have been allowed to happen, a predictable routine maintenance situation grew into a full-scale crisis. This is why I say, “An ounce of prevention………”

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