I am a Pool Guy, not, don’t mess with me!

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swimmers-79592__180- I'm a pool man blogBack in the day, Pool Guys were tough, not like today…who needed masks and gloves? Shoot, need to add a little granular chlorine into the pool, screw the plastic scoop, just grab a handful and toss it into the water. No they weren’t stupid, of course they would make sure that we were standing up wind. Duh!

Label the containers? Why the Pool Guy knew what was in each! What a waste of time. Duh!

There is a true story of a Pool Guy who exemplified the best of these characteristics.

He was in the mechanical room adding muriatic acid to water to get a diluted mix so that his pH would go down without the Alkalinity going down. Of course he didn’t use goggles, he had done this one a thousand times. Duh! Suddenly one of the drops splashed up (as they can do), and it hit him right in the middle of his eyeball. Panic set in and he jumped up and ran for the eyewash station which was right outside the mechanical room door.

Except the door was closed, as it should be. The Pool Guy ran full bore into the door, knocking himself out completely,

This Pool Guy, is now much wiser, and now uses goggles…..to protect his one good eye!