Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Pools

In Blog by Timothy Petsch

I guess I can’t help but see a commercial swimming pool in everything, so when I think of the past and upcoming holidays they remind me of swimming pools.

Halloween Pools.

These are the scary ones, probably not using a chemistry controller, so the pH levels are never secure and other water balances are suspect at best. The pool is never really clean and when you enter the pool area that old familiar chlorine smell is ever present. I would even imagine that the swimmers are not too happy

Thanksgiving Pools.

Total chemical automation, uses salt and low-pressure UV, operator takes a great deal of pride in his/her job, balances the pool to LSI on a weekly basis. Water and air quality are amazing, and their pools are filled with happy bathers totally enjoying their time in the water.

Christmas Pools.

Well that one is wrapped up and under the tree…..