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We have always cleaned our cartridge filters, both for the company pool and personal spa with a known filter cleaner that we purchase. I cannot say that it does a bad job, but I have never been overly impressed with the results, and the foaming they cause when replaced, no matter how carefully, and long we clean them, is not a pleasant sight.

Recently our tech decided to try out HOCl and see if that solution would work.

The results were stunning, here is his summation of the process.

“The other day I needed to clean a swimming pools cartridge filters, I instinctively went to grab a bottle of filter cleaner and instead thought I might as well try using HOCL as there always seems to be filter cleaner’s chemical residue left in the filters no matter how well they are rinsed off, I filled a 5 gallon bucket full of the 1,000PPM HOCL & proceeded to soak each filter individually for approximately 10 minutes, I found that the HOCL worked great at removing all of the algae and other potentially harmful bacterial particulates embedded in the pleats of the filters. I also like the fact HOCL is 100% safe regardless of how well the filters are rinsed off before they are reinstalled.”

….and no post cleaning bubbles 😉

I am not sure how the cost of a product compares as we have an HOCl machine and make the product simply from salt and vinegar. No matter what your filter cleaner is made from it cannot be a more environmental liquid than HOCl.