When Should You Call A Certified Licensed Pool Professional?

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Cathy Erntson

During the day to day operations of running an aquatic facility, Pool Operators are very commonly tasked with not only the maintenance of the equipment but also the troubleshooting and switching out of equipment. Working with the same equipment, the same circulation system, the same bodies day after day can make an operator very knowledgeable about their site; and how to run and maintain their site effectively. It can also make them very confident and comfortable with the equipment. One would think this is a good thing, but there is a hidden danger here: operators performing tasks that are out of their scope.

An operator needs to be able to understand when a certified, licensed professional should be called in. Regardless of how in depth the knowledge of an operator is, there should always be two very deep lines drawn that do not get crossed: gas and electricity. The ramifications of crossing those lines without being licensed can be extreme; one of the most devastating wildfires in CA history was started by faulty electrical work on a hot tub. Sometimes, an owner of a facility or the ones that sign the checks drag their feet at the idea of calling in a certified professional…after all, that’s what they pay you for, right? The gentleman who performed the hot tub work in California NEVER meant for anything to go wrong. Yet he now lives with the liability and stigma that something he did cause all that destruction and 4 deaths.

It’s not always easy and it’s not always convenient (or inexpensive), but when it comes to electricity and gas an operator should pull back and refer to a licensed professional.  Not only does this keep liability down, it is just safer for everyone involved.