“Our water is 100% better since we installed the TMI System.”
- Tara Girch / Martar Swim School
“The Salt Pure System helps our sales staff sell memberships. Take the leap, it’s worth it!”
- Jeff Bahm, Harbor Square

TMI “lite”®

Why TMI “lite”?

This system was designed by TMI to allow those pool owners with smaller or medium bodies of water to benefit from this state of the art equipment in an affordable way.  The TMI “lite” System combines Commercial Grade Chlorine Generators and UV systems with a pH controller to provide affordable systems for small or medium size commercial pools.


How cost effective is TMI “lite”?

Usually, adding chlorine generators and UV systems to your commercial pool or spa becomes more cost effective as the pool or spa gets larger.

The TMI “lite” option offers an affordable option to smaller bodies of water.


In the TMI “lite” series, you have two options to choose from:

1.  Salt Pure® ”lite”

If you have a small/medium body of water with a light bather load, the Salt Pure® TMI “lite” System would provide you with sparkling, pure water, a more stable pH, improving both your water and air quality in your indoor pool or spa, and your water quality in your outdoor pool or spa.

2.  Salt Synergy® “lite”

If you have a heavy bather load, choose the Salt Synergy® “lite” system to receive all the benefits of a Salt Pure® conversion AND  virtually eliminate those chloramines that usually result from heavy bather use or inadequate indoor air flow systems. The pH only controller will serve to control your pH level, making your chlorine more effective and your water balance easier to manage.


What puts the “lite” into the TMI “lite” System?

The main difference between the full TMI System and the TMI “lite” system is the  automation.  Full TMI systems come fully equipped with integrated control systems, allowing our technical staff to access your equipment via the internet and offer in-depth on-line support with direct connectivity to your pool or spa. The TMI “lite” Systems come equipped with a pH only Controller and no connectivity.  All support is conducted via email with fast response times.  (Minimum of 24 hours) Ask us how you can use your existing chlorine budget to pay for your  Salt Pure® or Salt Synergy® conversion.



  • Swim Schools,
  • Hotels,
  • HOA’s & Apartment Pools,
  • Retirement Community,
  • Community Pools