Salt Pure®
Save money, improve water quality and WOW your swimmers with this dramatic improvement in water quality.
Salt Synergy®
The first complete GREEN pool water treatment system. For effective Chloramine reduction and control – the most advanced sanitizing /purification system for commercial swimming pools and spas.
Equipment without knowledgeable support is just equipment. Our System Integration is seamless and professionally supported with telephonic and online support every step of the way.
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TMI Sustainable Aquatics Products

Salt Pure® Commercial Sanitizing Systems

Transform your water,  reduce chloramines and please your swimmers with a fully automated Salt Pure® system,  widely used in all types of facilities.

Salt Synergy® Chloramine Control Systems

With  this  unique  combination  of  Salt  +UV,  these  fully automated  systems transform water and air quality by virtually eliminating chloramines.

TMI “lite”

Semi Automation   –   pH Control Only   –   for small to medium sized pools / spas.    Choose between  TMI ‘lite”  Salt Pure®.  Why TMI “lite”?


For chloramine control while continuing to use traditional chlorine, choose the E-UV System, stand alone UV to reduce chloramines in your spa or pool.

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